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Dental Medicine

Karger publications in dental medicine are always cutting edge research. Our flagships include a long-standing book series and a well established journal:

For over three decades, Monographs in Oral Science has provided a source of in-depth discussion of selected topics in the sciences related to stomatology. Senior investigators are invited to present expanded contributions in their fields of special expertise.

The topics chosen are those which have generated a long-standing interest, and on which new conceptual insights or innovative biotechnology are making considerable impact. Authors are selected on the basis of having made lasting contributions to their chosen field and their willingness to share their findings with others.

Caries Research publishes epidemiological, clinical and laboratory studies in dental caries, fluorosis, erosion and related dental diseases. Some studies build on the considerable advances already made in caries prevention, e.g. through fluoride application. Some aim to improve understanding of the increasingly important problem of dental erosion and the associated tooth wear process. Others monitor the changing pattern of caries in different populations, explore improved methods of diagnosis or evaluate methods of prevention or treatment. Studies using genetic methods to identify human genes or mutations associated with caries prevalence are welcome as are manuscripts using modern high-throughput sequencing methods to characterise microbial biofilms associated with oral health and active caries. The broad coverage of innovative research into dental caries is unique and has given the journal an outstanding international reputation as an indispensable source for both basic scientists and clinicians engaged in understanding, investigating and preventing dental diseases.

If you want your research results to reach the right audience, you should choose our journal which has an international readership and receives worldwide attention. So why not submit your paper to Caries Research? You will benefit from a fast and fair peer-review process, highly trained copy editors, a professional article layout and fast online publication.

Book Series

Monographs in Oral Science


Caries Research

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Sonia Nath; Sneha Sethi; João L. Bastos; Helena M. Constante; Gloria Mejia; Dandara Haag; Kostas Kapellas; Lisa Jamieson
Benedikt Luka; Andrea Duerrschnabel; Sina Neumaier; Nadine Schlueter; Kirstin Vach
Sili Han; Jumpei Washio; Yuki Abiko; Linglin Zhang; Nobuhiro Takahashi
Paula Ortega-Verdugo; John J. Warren; Gary J Gaeth; Knute Carter; Elham Kateeb; Justine L. Kolker; Dan M. Shane
Fatemeh Eskandari; Elizabeth Adjoa Kumah; Liane Azevedo; John Stephenson; Sherley John; Fatemeh Vida Zohoori
Negin Taghat; Karin Mossberg; Peter Lingström; Max Petzold; Anna-Lena Östberg
Adam Michael Hoxie; Aline de Almeida Neves; Kevin Moss; Adalberto Bastos de Vasconcellos; Andrea Ferreira Zandona; Apoena Aguiar Ribeiro
Patricia Kolling Marquezan; Luana Severo Alves; Letícia Donato Comim; Julio Eduardo do Amaral Zenkner
Rechithra R; Wasim Wani; Sidhartha Sharma; Vijay Kumar; Amrita Chawla; Mani Kalaivani; Ajay Logani
Camila A. Zamperini; Ana K. Bedran-Russo
Luis Fernando Bandeira Miranda; Cinthia Pereira Machado Tabchoury; Jaime Aparecido Cury
Marwa Mohamed Ahmed Lotfy Baraka; Lucia Cevidanes; Magda Tekeya; Niveen Bakry; Antonio Ruellas; Tatiana Botero; Erika Benavides; Margherita Fontana
Caroline Souza dos Santos; Saulo Vinicius da Rosa; Samuel Jorge Moysés; Rodrigo Nunes Rached; Marcia Helena Baldani; Renata Iani Werneck; Gil Guilherme Gasparello; Juliana Schaia Rocha
Yi-ying Chen; Xiu-jiao Lin; Zhi-cen Lu; Annette Wiegand; Hao Yu
Carlos Alberto Feldens; Vanessa Simas Braga; Paulo Floriani Kramer; Márcia Regina Vítolo; Priscila Humbert Rodrigues; Elisa Maria Rosa de Barros Coelho; Benjamin W. Chaffee
Mariana Silveira Echeverria; Helena Silveira Schuch; Maximiliano Sérgio Cenci; Janaína Vieira dos Santos Motta; Andrea Dâmaso Bertoldi; Marcos Britto Correa; Marie-Charlotte D.N.J.M. Huysmans; Flávio Fernando Demarco
Jixian Feng; Juan Liu; Mingyuan Jiang; Qianjing Chen; Yushan Zhang; Mingzhen Yang; Yuankun Zhai
M. Kirthiga; M.S. Muthu; Gurusamy Kayalvizhi; Vijay Prakash Mathur; Naveenkumar Jayakumar; R. Praveen
Rodrigo A. Giacaman; Catalina A Maturana; José Molina; Catherine M.C. Volgenant; Constanza E. Fernández
Joana Christina Carvalho
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