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Public Health

Public health is an interdisciplinary field that considers health and access to healthcare at a population and community level. It assesses epidemiological trends and risks, establishes measures to prevent diseases, and probes biomarkers and behaviors as a means to understand cohort health.

European Addiction Research is a unique international scientific journal for the rapid publication of innovative research covering all aspects of addiction and related disorders. Representing an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of recent data and expert opinions, it reflects the importance of a comprehensive approach to solving the problems of substance abuse and addiction in Europe.

Neuroepidemiology, being one of our very unique journals, is the only internationally recognized peer-reviewed periodical devoted to descriptive, analytical, and experimental studies in the epidemiology of neurologic disease.

The Portuguese Journal of Public Health publishes scientific content in the field of public health in general as well as related disciplines, with the aim of promoting the discussion and development of knowledge at a national and international level.

Public Health Genomics is the leading international Open Access journal focusing on the timely translation of genome-based knowledge and technologies into public health, health policies, and healthcare as a whole. As of 2021 the journal will concentrate on oncogenomics in public health. It will focus on oncology in developing countries to improve the quality of life, especially of children.

The Saudi Journal of Health Systems Research Open Access online journal that invites you to publish your research free of charge. It is the official publication of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health and the Ministry’s voice to the global scientific community.

Key public health concerns – whether chronic illnesses or aging populations – also feature in our portfolio in nephrology, neurology, and nutrition. If you want to reach the right audience for your research results, our journals ensure international readership and worldwide attention. So why not submit your paper to one of our journals? You will benefit from a fast and fair peer-review process, highly trained copy editors, a clear article layout, and fast online publication.

Book Series

Medicine and Sport Science


Saudi Journal of Health Systems Research
Portuguese Journal of Public Health
Public Health Genomics

Special Collection Image
Isam Sami Moghamis; Jawad Derbas; Nasser Mehrab Khan; Moh’d Ishaq Alamlih; Mutaz Awad Alhardallo; Abdul Moeen Baco
George Rublev; Levan Nachkebia; Irakli Kartozia; Irakli Gogua; Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed
Yahya Alborno; Isam Sami Moghamis; Hammam Kayali; Elhadi Babikir; Shamsi Hameed; Mohammed Al-dosari
Siddharth Anand; Pratibha Pawal-Aute; Shashikant Gunale; Meenal Agarwal
Stacey Hladish; Rebecca Donnay; Jon Henry; Mitchell Voss
Jawad Nouraldeen Khader Derbas; Isam Sami Moghamis; Aiman Mudawi; Syed Alam; Basim Shaman Ameen
Mohammad Darwish; Dany Aouad; Elias Saidy; Georgio Lati; Jamal Saade; Mohammad Daher; Alexandre Nehme
Lara Pozzi; Corina Dommann-Scherrer; Christoph Meier; Peter Wahl
Matteo Izzo; Pierre Ranger
Ferda Gronki; Alex Alfieri; Fabian Kalberer; Christoph Meier; Peter Wahl
Luis F. Colón; Anthony M. Padgett; Charles W. Powell; Dillon L. Morrow; Jeremy R. Bruce
Filip Cosic; Matthew Alexander
Matthew Prevost; Edward Szabo; Mario Ramirez; Matthew Heiken
Ashraf A. Khanfour; Ahmed S. Gaweesh; Tamer Y. Gaweesh
Jonathan R. Pire; J. Brett Goodloe; Anthony Emanuel; Shane Woolf
Shahin Talebi; Shirin Sheibani; Pedram Hassani; Abolfazl Ghadiri
Daniel Z. You; Annalise G. Abbott; Steven K. Boyd; Paul Duffy
Sean Beyer; Matthew Klassen; Samuel Perry; Terrence Endres
Nazim Sifi; Nacer Rouag; Ammar Radjai
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