Sequence tagged sites generated for 60 Not I clones (Not I-STSs) from human chromosome 3-specific Not I-jumping and Not I-linking libraries were physically located using PCR screening of a radiation hybrid (RH) GeneBridge4 panel. The Not I map of chromosome 3 was generated using these RH-mapping data and those obtained earlier by FISH and sequencing of the corresponding Not I clones. The sequences of the Not I clones showed significant homologies with known genes and/or ESTs for 58 Not I-STSs (97%). These 58 Not I clones displayed 91–100% identity to 54 genes and 23 cDNA/EST clones. One known and two hypothetical protein-coding genes were localized for the first time and nine cDNA clones (unknown genes) were also carefully mapped only in this work. Three newly mapped genes are histone gene H1X (NR1-BK20C) and genes for hypothetical proteins THC1032178 and THC1024604 (NL1-243).   

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