Several quantitative trait loci for beef carcass traits have been mapped to bovine chromosome 5. The objective of this study was to map six candidate genes for these traits by fluoresence in situ hybridization, genetic linkage analysis and radiation hybrid mapping. MYF5 and MYF6 were assigned to 5q13, WIF1 to 5q23 and MMP19 to 5q25. A paralog of MYF5 (putatively MYOG) was assigned to 16q12. A novel microsatellite placed MYF5 and MYF6 10.4 cM from BM6026 and 19.1 cM from BL23 on the genetic linkage map. MYF5 (62.6 cR), WNT10B (319.5 cR), WIF1 (500.8 cR) and MMP19 (701.2 cR) were also integrated into the 5000Rad radiation hybrid map.

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