We report here the localisation of BAIAP1 (13q24), HTR1F (13q45), PTPRG (13q23) and UBE1C (13q24) by fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH), and BAIAP1 (Swr2114; 21 cR; LOD = 11.03), GATA2 (Sw2448; 37 cR; LOD = 8.26), IL5RA (Swr2114; 64 cR; LOD = 3.85), LMCD1 (Sw2450; 61 cR; LOD = 4.73), MME (CP; 50 cR; LOD = 7.75), RYK (Swc22; 12 cR; LOD = 18.62) and SGU003 (Sw1876; 6 cR; LOD = 16.99) by radiation hybrid (RH) mapping to porcine chromosome 13 (SSC13). The mapping of these 10 different loci (all mapped to human chromosome 3; HSA3) not only confirms the extended conservation of synteny between HSA3 and SSC13, but also defines more precisely the regions with conserved linkage. The syntenic region of the centromeric part of SSC13 was determined by isolating porcine bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones (842D4 and 1031H1) using primers amplifying porcine microsatellite markers S0219 and S0076 (mapped to this region). Sequence comparison of the BAC end sequences with the human genome sequence showed that the centromeric part of SSC13 is homologous with HSA3p24.   

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