The article “Stratifying Future Stroke Risk with Incidentally Discovered White Matter Disease Severity and Covert Brain Infarct Site” [Cerebrovasc Dis 2023;52:117–121, DOI: 10.1159/000524723] by Andy Y. Wang, Lester Y. Leung, Eric J. Puttock, Patrick H. Luetmer, David F. Kallmes, Jason Nelson, Sunyang Fu, Chengyi Zheng, Hongfang Liu, Wansu Chen, and David M. Kent has been retracted by the Publishers and the Editor on behalf of the authors.

After the publication of this article, the authors identified a discrepancy when comparing the results from this analysis to those of other analyses. The authors found that the inclusion of a gender=other value led to issues with multiple imputations where the imputation model did not converge. The authors stated that this type of error is easy to detect as warning messages appear as part of the programming logs. However, as they iteratively ran a macro to handle 10 imputed datasets, the warning message was suppressed.

The authors reanalyzed the data and found that the hazard ratios in Table 1 were altered, and the Editor concluded that the results were altered and an Erratum would not be appropriate to correct the error. The authors present the reanalyzed and interpreted results in a new publication (Wang et al., Cerebrovasc Dis 2023,