Introduction: The correlation between diabetes and stroke has been studied extensively in epidemiological research. Here, we used bibliometric software to visualize and analyze the literature related to diabetic stroke to provide an overview of the current state of research, hotspots, and future trends in the field. Methods: Based on the Web of Science Core Collection (WoSCC) database, we collected studies related to diabetic stroke from 2007 to December 2022. We used CiteSpace (version 6.1.R5), VOSviewer, and Scimago Graphica to create knowledge maps and conduct visual analyses on authors, countries, institutions, cited references, and keywords, and Origin for statistical analysis. Results: We included a total of 5,171 papers on diabetic stroke from the WoSCC database. Overall, there was a steady increase in the number of publications, with a high number of emerging scientists. The USA was the most productive and influential country, which dominated national collaborations. The most common subject category was “neurology.” In total, 12 major clusters were generated from the cited references. Keyword analysis showed that keywords related to poststroke injury and treatment are those with the highest burst intensity and latest burst time. Conclusions: Individual disease treatment remains a hot topic, and how to balance acute stroke treatment and glycemic control is currently a difficult clinical problem. At the same time, the mechanism of their interaction and the prevention and treatment of related causative factors remain a hot topic of current and future research.

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