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Issues in Infectious Diseases

Infections are a constant threat to human health. Over the last two decades a number of new infective agents such as HIV and prions have been identified, and several infectious diseases previously considered under control have suddenly reemerged. The problem of infection is aggravated by the resistance of many microorganisms to currently available antiinfectives and by the growing number of immuno-compromised people worldwide. The steadily rising incidence of nosocomial infections is a further cause for concern. This series presents original data and review the latest clinical information on infectious diseases of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic origin. Covering epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment, it will also consider the latest diagnostic techniques, evaluate new antimicrobial drugs and report recent advances in vaccine development. As infections involve almost all branches of medicine, books published in this series will represent a valuable source of information for a wide spectrum of clinicians and health care professionals.


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