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Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (2021) 95 (6): 330–340.
Published Online: 12 July 2021
... for intraspecific communication. Previous work showed that hair cell (HC) density in the midshipman saccule increased seasonally with reproductive state and was concurrent with enhanced auditory saccular sensitivity in both females and type I males. Although reproductive state-dependent changes in HC density have...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (2008) 71 (4): 271–286.
Published Online: 21 April 2008
... to the pouch. Structural development was studied with the aid of hematoxylin and eosin stained sections and immunoreactivity for GAP-43, whereas the development of vestibular system connections was examined by carbocyanine dye tracing. At the time of birth, the otocyst has distinct utricle, saccule...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1989) 34 (4): 193–200.
Published Online: 06 February 2008
...Golda Anne Kevetter; Adrian A. Perachio The projections of the saccule, an otolith end organ, to the cochlear nuclei were studied using both transganglionic transport and intracellular injection techniques. Labeled fibers and terminals were observed in the anterior and posterior portions...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1994) 43 (4-5): 189–205.
Published Online: 15 January 2008
..., and the bulk of the rostral anterior nucleus. The macula neglecta projects to the intermediate zone of the descending nucleus and to ventral locations within the dorsal half of the caudal anterior nucleus. The otolithic endorgans - the saccule, lagena, and utricle - project, in an overlapping manner...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1995) 46 (3): 131–140.
Published Online: 08 January 2008
.... Popper Peggy L. Edds-Walton Department of Zoology, University of Maryland, College Park, Md., USA Brain Bcliav Evol 1995;46:131-140 Structural Diversity in the Inner Ear of Teleost Fishes: Implications for Connections to the Mauthner Cell Key Words Audition Hearing Hair cell Saccule Lagena Utricle Eighth...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1995) 46 (3): 141–150.
Published Online: 08 January 2008
...: 1 dyne cm -2 ) in the most sensitive frequency range (200 to 800 Hz). This input arises from volume fluctuations of the swimbladder in response to the sound pressure waveform and is thus nondirectional. Primary afferents of the saccule, lagena, and utricle of the goldfish also respond with great...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1995) 46 (3): 151–164.
Published Online: 08 January 2008
... Oclavolateralis system Startle response VIIIili nerve Saccule Ear Abstract Most physiological and behavioral studies of the Mauthner cells have used the goldfish and a few other fish from the superorder Ostariophysi, series Otophysi (= otophysans). We first provide some background and recent findings...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1995) 46 (6): 362–370.
Published Online: 08 January 2008
...William M. Saidel; Pamela J. Lanford; Hong Y. Yan; Arthur N. Popper A set of cytological studies performed in the utricle and saccule of Astronotus ocellatus (Teleostei, Percomorphi, Cichlidae) identified two basic types of hair cells and others with some intermediate characteristics. This paper...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (2001) 58 (3): 152–162.
Published Online: 07 March 2002
... Saccule Lagena Stereocilia Swim bladder Hearing Over the last two decades it has been established that the auditory system of fishes is capable of performing acoustic signal analyses that are comparable in many ways to those observed in other vertebrates, including mammals [Fay and Popper...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (2001) 57 (3): 134–149.
Published Online: 09 August 2001
...), but has been previously reported in Porichthyes, a sound-producing species belonging to a different teleost taxon. Otolithic endorgan projections Saccule Utricle Lagena Auditory midbrain Auditory pathways Auditory evolution The marine catfish, Arius felis (Family Arridae) is a member...