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Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (2017) 89 (3): 153–161.
Published Online: 28 April 2017
... immunohistochemistry. Patterns of gene expression in homologs of the amygdala and hippocampus implicate IT signaling in these regions in social habituation to a territorial neighbor. In the preoptic area, the expression of the ITR2 subtype and IT neuron activity respond to the presence of a male, independent...
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Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (2014) 84 (4): 303–314.
Published Online: 29 November 2014
... in areas important for male (preoptic area, ventromedial amygdala) and female (ventromedial hypothalamus) sexual behavior, as well as whether T upregulates AR in the anole brain. In situ hybridization and Western blot analyses were performed in unmanipulated animals across sex and season, as well...
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Brain Behav Evol (2013) 82 (3): 166–176.
Published Online: 02 October 2013
... restricted to the preoptic area, and in agreement with our first prediction cleaners presented smaller and less numerous AVT-ir neurons in the gigantocellular preoptic area (gPOA) compared to non-cleaners. Contrary to our second prediction, AVT neuronal phenotypes did not differ between sexes in either...
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Brain Behav Evol (2011) 76 (3-4): 279–288.
Published Online: 30 November 2010
.... As our primary interest was evaluating the potential role of 5αR in forebrain regulation of reproductive behavior, we quantified 5αR2 expression in the preoptic area, amygdala (AMY), and ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH). More 5αR2 cells were detected during the NBS than BS in the AMY, and the density...
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Brain Behav Evol (2010) 75 (4): 282–291.
Published Online: 06 August 2010
... damselfish, Stegastes leucostictus, we assess: (1) the effect of AVT on courtship, and (2) with reference to our previous study on AVT modulation of aggression in this species, the relationship between AVT-like immunoreactive (ir) fiber distribution in the forebrain’s preoptic area and individual courtship...
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Brain Behav Evol (2008) 71 (3): 231–246.
Published Online: 02 April 2008
... from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content or advertisements. TRH Tyrosine hydroxylase Immunohistochemistry Preoptic area Hypothalamus Hypophysis Urodeles Evolution Original Paper Brain Behav Evol 2008;71:231 246 DOI: 10.1159/000122835 Received...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1990) 36 (5): 262–270.
Published Online: 30 January 2008
...David Crews; Juli Wade; Walter Wilczynski The whiptail lizard species Cnemidophorus inornatus exhibits sexually dimorphic mating behaviors. We report that complementary sexual dimorphisms exist in two hypothalamic regions in male and female C. inornatus. The anterior hypothalamus-preoptic area (AH...
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Brain Behav Evol (1993) 42 (4-5): 252–264.
Published Online: 23 January 2008
... therefore connect with the GnRH control centers in the preoptic area and hypothalamus. Forebrain pathways in frogs provide a model for how vertebrates accomplish this. Auditory information, which can transmit the features of the vocal communication signals used by frogs during reproductive social behavior...
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Brain Behav Evol (1992) 39 (5): 312–324.
Published Online: 22 January 2008
... band nucleus, the lateral preoptic area, the anterior entopeduncular nucleus, the lateral hypothalamic and mammillary areas, the nucleus of the stria medullaris, the area tegmentalis ventralis and a scattered neuronal subpopulation in the large-celled dorsolateral nucleus of the dorsal thalamus...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1992) 40 (1): 17–24.
Published Online: 18 January 2008
... to females. Male garter snakes that actively courted females showed a pronounced increase in 2-DG accumulation, and therefore presumably neural activity, in the region of the anterior hypothalamus/preoptic area, relative to males that did not actively court females. Males exposed to females (regardless...
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Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1994) 43 (3): 129–139.
Published Online: 15 January 2008
...John D. Allison; Walter Wilczynski Injections of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) into the eye, striatum, preoptic area, or ventral hypothalamus of the green treefrog (Hyla cinerea) demonstrated an indirect retinal pathway to each basal forebrain region via the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN...
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Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (2000) 55 (2): 77–84.
Published Online: 23 May 2000
... in the magnocellular preoptic area of the hypothalamus than females. Levels of AVT mRNA within these cells in dominant males are also approximately three times female levels whereas the non-aggressive male phenotype has AVT mRNA levels approximately twice female levels. Behavioral sex change is very rapid...