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Keywords: Pacemaker neurons
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Brain Behav Evol (1989) 34 (6): 351–356.
Published Online: 06 February 2008
... size Hippocampus Electrophysiology Metabolic rate Pacemaker neurons Allometry Brain Behav Evol 1989;34:351-356 © 1989 S. Karger AG. Basel 0006-8977/89/0346-0351S 2.75/0 An Allometric Analysis of the Frequency of Hippocampal Theta: The Significance of Brain Metabolic Rate Mark S. Blumberg...
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Brain Behav Evol (2007) 69 (2): 122–131.
Published Online: 24 January 2007
... to the neurons. Membrane depolarizations due to such current injections did not reinstate the pacemaker potentials. Ion channel Sodium channel Teleost Electrophysiology Pacemaker neurons GnRH Ion channels and their neural functions have generally been studied and discussed in the brains...
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Brain Behav Evol (1999) 54 (1): 61–69.
Published Online: 16 September 1999
... to persons or property resulting from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content or advertisements. Estrogen Testosterone Dihydrotestosterone Electric fish Apteronotus EOD Pacemaker neurons Species differences Gonadal steroid hormones are highly conserved...