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Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (2021) 95 (6): 330–340.
Published Online: 12 July 2021
... for intraspecific communication. Previous work showed that hair cell (HC) density in the midshipman saccule increased seasonally with reproductive state and was concurrent with enhanced auditory saccular sensitivity in both females and type I males. Although reproductive state-dependent changes in HC density have...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1987) 30 (1-2): 43–61.
Published Online: 20 February 2008
... bodies of the multiciliated cells sit upon a basal lamina which overlies a collagen-filled matrix. Petromyzon has typical vertebrate sensory hair cells on the cristae of the two semicircular canals as well as on the main sensory epithelium, the macula communis. Cell bodies of the sensory hair cells...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1990) 35 (1): 1–15.
Published Online: 01 February 2008
...Christopher S. von Bartheld The paratympanic organ (Vitali organ) is a small sensory organ in the middle ear of birds. It possesses a sensory epithelium with hair cells similar to those of the inner ear. Injection of fluorescent carbocyanine tracers into the paratympanic organ of 9- to 11-day-old...
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Brain Behav Evol (1995) 45 (6): 327–338.
Published Online: 15 January 2008
... ''internal'' status of the tympanum, and the amphibian and basilar papilla (AP and BP) hair cell counts, as they relate to physiological estimates of auditory sensitivity, within both AP- and BP-sensitive frequency ranges. The BP sensitivity is positively correlated with tympanum area, which is positively...
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1995) 46 (3): 131–140.
Published Online: 08 January 2008
.... Popper Peggy L. Edds-Walton Department of Zoology, University of Maryland, College Park, Md., USA Brain Bcliav Evol 1995;46:131-140 Structural Diversity in the Inner Ear of Teleost Fishes: Implications for Connections to the Mauthner Cell Key Words Audition Hearing Hair cell Saccule Lagena Utricle Eighth...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (2004) 64 (3): 182–197.
Published Online: 07 September 2004
... develop in mammals prior to mechanosensory hair cells. However, sensory neuron development is connected to hair cell development, likely in a clonal relationship. The theme of cellular conservation is reiterated in two examples of chordate otic diversification: the evolution of the horizontal canal system...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (2003) 61 (1): 45–58.
Published Online: 13 March 2003
... to in the content or advertisements. Protochordate Tunicate Ascidian Amphioxus Macula Hair cell Cupula Mechanoreceptor Vibration sensitivity In a recent study of the peripheral innervation, Mackie and Wyeth [2000] reported the presence of presumed sensory structures (sensory papillae...