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Keywords: Habituation
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Brain Behav Evol (1974) 9 (1): 60–79.
Published Online: 27 March 2008
.... Vigilance Alerting Habituation Searching Group behaviour Birds Mammals Brain. Behav. Evol. 9: 60-79 (1974) The Problem of Vigilance in Animal Life S. D imond and J. Lazarus' Department of Psychology, University College, Cardiff, and Department of Zoology. University of Newcastle upon Tyne...
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Brain Behav Evol (1979) 16 (5-6): 409–429.
Published Online: 19 March 2008
... differ from the animals'' perception of those sounds? Four methodologies are available for studying an animal''s perception of sounds: (1) discriminative conditioning; (2) habituation-dishabituation; (3) playbacks in captivity; and (4) playbacks in situ. Each of these techniques has a different degree...
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Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1997) 50 (Suppl. 1): 69–80.
Published Online: 09 January 2008
... of plasticity including facilitation, depression, post-tetanic potentiation and two types of muscarinic modulation. Larval PWR behavior exhibits two simple forms of learning - habituation and dishabituation - which involve alterations in the central PWR circuit. These studies of a simple circuit illustrate...
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Brain Behav Evol (2003) 61 (4): 213–224.
Published Online: 12 June 2003
... the results of experiments on laboratory-housed rhesus monkeys using both species-typical vocalizations and band-pass noise. Paralleling the approach used in field studies of this species, we used a habituation-discrimination paradigm in which auditory stimuli were presented and a monkey’s orienting responses...
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Brain Behav Evol (1998) 52 (1): 37–45.
Published Online: 19 June 1998
...(s) disclaim responsibility for any injury to persons or property resulting from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content or advertisements. Prey selection Biasing Leopard frog Habituation Lateralization Preference between front and side was determined...
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Brain Behav Evol (1998) 51 (1): 40–47.
Published Online: 05 December 1997
...Alberto Moran; Larissa Wojcik; Lorraine Cangiane; Alice Schade Powers Two experiments investigated habituation in painted turtles (Chrysemys picta). In the first, turtles were given lesions of the dorsal cortex or sham lesions and then trained on a restraint. Although the sham-lesioned turtles...