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Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1980) 17 (6): 411–418.
Published Online: 19 March 2008
...Robert S. Schmidt The pretrigeminal nucleus (a structure that may be involved in vocalization) was found to stain strongly for succinic dehydrogenase in seven species of anurans (toads and frogs) representing four families and two suborders. In Xenopus laevis this nucleus seemed to be identical...
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Brain Behav Evol (1982) 21 (2-3): 137–150.
Published Online: 18 March 2008
...Neil Montgomery; Katherine V. Fite; Michelene Taylor; Lynn Bengston The effects of lesions of the anuran mesencephalic retinal terminal fields on horizontal optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) were examined. Lesion sites which produced effects upon OKN responses were as follows: BOR, nBOR, peri-nBOR...
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Brain Behav Evol (1988) 32 (2): 119–128.
Published Online: 06 February 2008
... are compared with similar lesion data on the triggering mechanisms for three other anuran acoustic behaviors. The lateral subtoral tegmentum may have a basic, special importance in the triggering of all four behaviours. © 1988 S. Karger AG, Basel 1988 Copyright / Drug Dosage / Disclaimer Copyright: All...
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Brain Behav Evol (1990) 36 (5): 307–314.
Published Online: 30 January 2008
... an important step in the evolution of anuran vocalizations. The midbrain tegmentum may contain primitive circuits for the detection of stimuli eliciting anuran acoustic behaviors. 30 1 2008 © 1990 S. Karger AG, Basel 1990 Copyright / Drug Dosage / Disclaimer Copyright: All rights reserved...
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Brain Behav Evol (1995) 45 (6): 327–338.
Published Online: 15 January 2008
...James H. Fox It is largely unknown how the presence and morphology of various auditory structures, including extratympanic structures, affect auditory sensitivity in anuran amphibians. This study examines body size, tympanum size, the presence versus absence of the tympanum, the ''external'' versus...
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Brain Behav Evol (2007) 69 (4): 254–265.
Published Online: 13 February 2007
... attractiveness to females, and also may be consistent with an aggressive response to another túngara frog male. 30 10 2005 3 07 2006 13 2 2007 Arginine vasotocin Physalaemus pustulosus Túngara frog Anuran Sexual selection Advertisement call Animal communication...
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Brain Behav Evol (2007) 69 (2): 105–113.
Published Online: 24 January 2007
...Kengo Funakoshi; Masato Nakano The sympathetic nervous system develops as an evolutionary trait with gnathostomes (jawed vertebrates), but not with agnathan fishes (i.e., hagfishes and lampreys). Organization of the sympathetic preganglionic neuronal columns is different in teleosts and anurans...
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Journal Articles
Brain Behav Evol (1999) 54 (4): 223–242.
Published Online: 01 December 1999
... to persons or property resulting from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content or advertisements. Toad Amphibian Anuran Anamniote Vision Prey-catching Dopamine Apomorphine Neuromodulation 14 C-2DG-mapping In anuran amphibians, the primary visual response...