The following document is dedicated to compiling the abstracts of the communications and lectures of the FINUT 2022 Conference. The document comprises 111 abstracts of the guest speakers participating in the scientific symposia and special lectures and more than 230 abstracts for oral and poster communications, representing more than 20 countries. FINUT Conferences seek to open a place for contrasted science shared by the Ibero-American region, a necessary space to open opportunities and to display the research work done in Food and Nutrition. The main objective of the FINUT 2022 Conference is to create a space for the exchange and discussion of ideas related to the main challenges of Food and Nutrition in Iberoamerica, in order to offer solutions aimed at improving the health status of populations, taking into account the impact of social inequalities in the region. The scientific program of the Conference includes 40 parallel symposia, 5 breakfasts with the experts, and 11 special lectures. In this second edition the Conference focused on 4 topics: • Healthy Nutrition in the Life Cycle and Clinical Nutrition • Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health Challenges in Iberoamerica • Safe, Healthy, Sustainable, and Social Food • Methods and Tools in Nutrition The entity organizing the Conference is the Ibero-American Nutrition Foundation (FINUT) which was established in 2011. FINUT is a non-profit and financially self-supporting entity; our vision is to promote research and training, identify problems of public interest and provide scientific answers; and involve all stakeholders in our cause. We work throughout the year in many scientific virtual activities with a large number of beneficiaries and the FINUT Conferences give us the opportunity to meet them personally. We wish to thank the Organizing, Scientific, and Local Committees for the enthusiasm and commitment dedicated to this conference, our sponsors for trusting us again, and take the opportunity we offer them to contact the most valuable part of our event, the delegates; professionals, academics, clinicians, researchers, and students in the areas of Food, Nutrition, and Health, to whom we also extend our most sincere gratitude. ¡See you at FINUT 2024!

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