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Acta Cytologica 1–23.
Published Online: 02 April 2024
... Endobronchial ultrasound Cancer Diagnostic cytopathology has always had a crucial role to play in the investigation and diagnosis of respiratory disease, both neoplastic and non-neoplastic, but this role has also been subject to change and evolution. In the context of lung carcinoma, still the leading...
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Acta Cytologica (2023) 67 (1): 92–99.
Published Online: 01 December 2022
... to in the content or advertisements. 2022 DNA Cytology Cancer Molecular test Quality Many genetic modifications continue to be discovered in cancers, and these modifications are changing therapeutic paradigms [ 1, 2 ]. Drugs have been developed to target specific protein products of these mutated...
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Acta Cytologica (2020) 64 (6): 511–519.
Published Online: 05 November 2020
..., nuclear membrane irregularities, hyperchromasia, and abnormal chromatin distribution. As our knowledge about the genetic and epigenetic abnormalities of cancer cells has increased in recent decades, the pathophysiologic mechanisms that underlie these morphologic abnormalities remain incompletely...
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Acta Cytologica (2019) 63 (6): 449–455.
Published Online: 15 May 2019
...Geoffroy Poulet; Joséphine Massias; Valerie Taly Liquid biopsy provides the opportunity of detecting, analyzing and monitoring cancer in various body effluents such as blood or urine instead of a fragment of cancer tissue. It is composed of different biological matrices such as circulating tumor...
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Acta Cytologica (2019) 63 (6): 456–465.
Published Online: 08 March 2019
...Joana Fernandes Marques; Joana Pereira Reis; Gabriela Fernandes; Venceslau Hespanhol; José Carlos Machado; José Luís Costa Liquid biopsy was introduced to the oncology field with the promise of revolutionizing the management of cancer patients, minimizing the exposure to invasive procedures...
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Acta Cytologica (2019) 63 (6): 479–488.
Published Online: 15 February 2019
...Susana Junqueira-Neto; Inês A. Batista; José Luís Costa; Sónia A. Melo Liquid biopsy represents the analysis of tumor-derived material in the blood and other body fluids of cancer patients. This portrays a minimally invasive detection tool for molecular biomarkers. Liquid biopsy has emerged...
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Acta Cytologica (2011) 55 (1): 4–12.
Published Online: 26 November 2010
...Syed Z. Ali Thyroid nodules are commonly encountered in clinical practice. Although the overwhelming majority of them turn out to be benign, the small subset of cancerous nodules needs to be accurately identified for optimal and timely surgical management. Fine-needle aspiration has proven...