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Keywords: Wrist joint
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Journal Articles
Acta Anatomica (1992) 144 (4): 325–328.
Published Online: 16 July 2008
...J.G.M. Kooloos; H.H.C.M. Savelberg The cross-sectional area of a particular ligament is an important characteristic in order to establish the biomechanical properties of this ligament. Calculations of the cross-sectional areas of the ligaments of the wrist joint are made from two three-dimensional...
Journal Articles
Acta Anatomica (1977) 99 (4): 440–444.
Published Online: 09 July 2008
...Robert S. Corruccini The wrist joint of lemuroid and lorisoid prosimians is examined in relation to variations among higher primates, particularly the specializations characteristic of hominoids. The lorisines Nycticebus and Perodicticus share a metrically defined primitive morphopattern with other...