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Keywords: Mental foramen
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Acta Anatomica (1995) 154 (2): 162–166.
Published Online: 17 July 2008
...M.S. Chung; H.J. Kim; H.S. Kang; I.H. Chung The morphology and locational relationship of the supraorbital notch/foramen, infraorbital foramen, and mental foramen were studied from photographs of 124 Korean skulls (male 35, female 18, unknown sex 71). The infraorbital foramen was on the sagittal...
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Acta Anatomica (1990) 137 (3): 208–212.
Published Online: 16 July 2008
...Ario Santini; Moira Land The antero-posterior position of the mental foramen was studied in 68 Chinese and 44 British skulls of known or calculated age at death. All skulls showed low pre-mortem tooth loss and had a good occlusion. The position of the foramen was related to the body of the mandible...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Acta Anatomica (1986) 126 (1): 21–28.
Published Online: 15 July 2008
...A. Gershenson; H. Nathan; E. Luchansky In a study of 525 dry mandibles and dissections in 50 cadavers, the mental foramen (MF) was found: single in 94.67% of the cases and multiple in 5.33%. Its shape was round in 34.48% with an average diameter of 1.68 mm and oval in 65.52% with an average long...
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Acta Anatomica (1979) 104 (3): 353–355.
Published Online: 09 July 2008
...V. de Freitas; M.C. Madeira; J.L. Toledo Filho; C.F. Chagas The absence of the mental foramen was investigated in 1,435 dry human mandibles (2,870 sides). The foramen was absent twice in the right side (0.06%) and once in the left side (0.03%). The meaning of this anatomical variation was commented...